1st MARS match is in the books…

Jan 27th – Mayberry Mid-Atlantic Precision Rimfire Series Match

We had a great turnout for our inaugural MARS match. It was a crisp, cold January day, but there was no rain, so we are starting off this season on a good note (it rained for every match last year).

It was so great to see all the smiling faces. Especially during that card cutting stage (Dean looks happy). There was hooting and hollering throughout the day on that stage. Shoutout to the heartbreakers club!

The day was not without its trials, however. There were some stage timing issues which we have noted and will address at our next match. We also had to throw out a stage because of inconsistent scoring. Something about the glue or the paintballs or the backing or the cold really screwed up our ability to see which paintballs were really hit. Lesson learned…

I was also really surprised how difficult everyone found the roll over prone stage. We will have to increase the target size next time.

In contrast, I really enjoyed the boat simulator stage. Continuing from our rudimentary attempts last year, MARS will be uploading match video to our YouTube page. Our goals for this are twofold: First, we want to help new shooters see what matches are like and what gear is being used. Second, we want to show the techniques involved, because that’s really what separates shooters. Take Lou’s run below. What did he do wrong? What did he do correctly? This is not about criticism. Lou’s a very good shooter, he cleans my clock all the time. But what can we learn? Lou gives his take at the end of the video.

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All in all, the gang seemed to have a great time. Thank you to everyone that came out! Thank you to our Sponsors. The D-M Targets continued to work extremely well. Special thanks to volunteers and everyone else that lent a helping hand. We could not do it without you.

For the match results, click on the Scoreboard button to be taken to our Scoreboard page. To download the Course of Fire, click on the COF button.

One final note, Mark Anderson of Mark Anderson Photography generously donated his time to do all the photography, video recording and video editing for this match. For the rest of the match photos and video, visit his website https://www.macguns.photo/ or follow him on instagram https://www.instagram.com/macguns/

Stage 7 (Mike)

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Stage 6 (Barb)

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