Announcement: Vortex Certs Awarded at Every MARS Match

Vortex Optics has generously donated eighteen (15) – 50% OFF certificates to MARS, one for every match this season starting in March and moving forward. MARS will randomly select a competitor to receive a certificate. (Only 1 certificate per competitor per season)

In addition, Vortex will be donating a complete optic to the prize table of the finale. Top finishers will be able to walk the table and choose their prize in the order of their finish.

The first Vortex Optics certificate was awarded to G.D. at the March 3rd Mayberry match. G.D. is a junior shooter who showed outstanding poise and safety during the match. This young man is why MARS was created and we are so proud to be able to support his journey.

Please thank Vortex for their continued support for the shooting sports by considering them during your next gear purchase. Personally I have an Razor HD AMG on my centerfire rifle and I love it!

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