MARS Merch! Pre-Order NOW

By popular demand, MARS finally has wares to sell! Pre-order Oct. 30 – Nov. 7.
Email with what products, colors, sizes and delivery method you want. Options below. Delivery will be at the Finale on Nov. 24 or I can ship it to you.

Please remember that MARS is a completely volunteer effort. MARS does not get any of the match fees, those all goes to the clubs. If you want MARS to continue, please support it by buying some of our gear. THANKS!!!

T-Shirt – $20

Thermal – $28

Hoodie – $38

Jersey – $26

2XL+ in T-Shirts add $2. 2XL+ in everything else add $3. Shipping cost will be determined later. You can pay with cash, check, paypal, venmo, zelle, facebook messenger pay or applepay.

T-Shirt Info

Thermal Info

Hoodie Info

Jersey Info

3 thoughts on “MARS Merch! Pre-Order NOW

  1. Pretty cool logo design I dig it and will put in an order when I get on a PC and can see it better.

    George Dorbert


  2. Hi Dave,

    I’d like to order a t-shirt and maybe a long sleeve thermal but I do not see any prices with the information below. Not sure if my gov computer is filter out info and not including it or it wasn’t included in the order form. Can you let me know what the prices are on the thermal and mark me down for a 2XL t-shirt in red? Not sure what other color choices there are as I only see Red and Black in the samples.

    Thanks, George Dorbert


    1. All the info should be in this blog. I’ll send you an email with the details.

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