Leaderboard Updated / Mayberry Match

The Leaderboard has been updated and the race is tight in both divisions going into the Finale. Aaron Sparrow and Ben DeRoner are tied with 3 match wins each in the SEMI division with Rob Burkindine and Steve Zwobot less than 4 points behind. Lou Levy and Tony Gimmellie also have 3 wins each in the BOLT division with Tom Pohuski breathing down their necks. It’s anyone’s game!

Scores for the last Mayberry match can be found at the bottom of the Scoreboard page. Congrats to Ben DeRoner for the BOLT win and Steve Zwobot for both the SEMI and ELR wins. Steve got 3 hits at 500 yards on a 12 inch plate and he did it all with a 10/22, a 10x power scope and Eley Force.

Thanks to Darrell Elcock and Mark Anderson for the photos. Darrell also designed the new MARS t-shirt logo. More of his work can be found at https://www.behance.net/elcockd

Mark Anderson Photography has been the resident MARS photographer all season. For the rest of the match photos and video, visit his website https://www.macguns.photo/ or follow him on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/macguns/

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