Eastern Armed Forces Memorial Match – May 22-24

Quantico Shooting Club (Quantico, VA) is hosting the 11th Annual Eastern Armed Forces Memorial Matches, May 22-24, 2020.  Proceeds will be going to the Remembering The Brave (RTB, a 501(c)3 organization). 

The weekend offers 25 separate competitions, ranging from individual/team 1,000 yard matches, pistol matches, multi-gun matches, and this year a new .22LR NRL22 style match. Competitors shoot for placement and possibly their name on select event trophies. All prizes are raffled off on Sunday, May 24th, 2020. All competitor have a chance to win. (Must be present at raffle to participate.)

This is a very unique match where shooters will experience something special. The match mission is to ensuring the names, faces and deeds of our heroes are never forgotten .

For more info, download the program PDF below:

This is not a MARS event. We just want to help get the word out.

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