MARS 2020 Gear Survey – Scopes (pt. 2)

Recap, we surveyed all the shooters invited to the 2019 MARS finale for their 2020 22LR precision rifle setup. Here is their answers. In part 2, we are looking at one of the most varied categories, scopes.

Clearly, Vortex is the most popular option with Athlon coming in second. Both these companies have great reputations and offer excellent value for the money. As for specific models, the Vortex PST Gen II dominates the category.

So what features does the PST Gen II have that makes it so attractive? My speculations are that, first off, Vortex has a great reputation, warranty and customer service. The PST Gen II is mid priced optic with a good balance of quality and value. The 30mm tube give a generous amount of elevation adjustment for 22lr shots out to 300+ yards, if the rifle has a canted base and/or rings. The scope can focus down to 25 yards for the common close in shots. There is a zero stop so you don’t get lost in rotations. Popular Christmas tree reticles are available.

However, there are other brands that share these features. What sets Vortex apart?

Vortex is a great supporter of the shooting sports. They have a good foot hold in the sector. It seems like this support has paid off in well deserved loyalty.

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