2021 End Of Year Categories

Top Junior: Jane Sekowski

Top Lady: Ryan Smith

Rookie of the Year: Vaughn Rosendale

Most Improved Shooter: J Griffin

Best Match Stage: Rob Burkindine (Double KYL rack and magazine changes)

Match Director of the Year: Tony Gimmellie

MARS Club with Highest Attendance: Quantico Shooting Club 2021 (217 shooters)

MARS Club of the Year: NVGC

MARS Spirit Animal Award: Jonathan Solinsky

Most MARS Matches in a Season: Quantico Shooting Club, Quail Ridge, and Quinton (7 MARS matches)

Longest Match shot of the Year: Quantico Shooting Club (405 yards)

Best Monthly Trophies of the Year: Quail Ridge

Photographer of the Year: Mark Anderson

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