2022 Season Kick Off (Updated 010322)

Wow the short break is over and the 2022 MARS series is upon us. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we wish you a Happy New years. 

It seems like just last week we were at NVGC shooting an amazing MARS finale. 2022 promises to be even bigger and better for MARS. As of right now MARS has grown from 11 clubs to 43 clubs, stretching from Maine to Florida and out west to Texas. I know we will see even more growth in the upcoming months. If you have interest in being a regional director in an area that’s not open, or a match director wanting to join MARS, please reach out for us and we will get you setup. We also ask you, if you have clubs near you, that you reach out to them and express interest on shooting MARS matches at their venues.

2022 Memberships are open. Get signed up, or renew your membership ASAP. This will ensure that we get you updated in our system, and you listed as active member for the 2022 season, on the website. We ONLY update the website every Friday evening. That’s where you will find your member numbers. We unfortunately don’t have the staff to email everyone their member number individually at this time. So, once you sign up, please reference the website. 

Team series – we have a team series. We will have a cash payout, as well as a prize table for the team series. The information for the team series is on the website. Team series Championship is set for Oct 8, 2022 at Ft. Harmar, OH

Match Points and season scoring – Some slight changes to this. We spent a lot of time working thru some logistics as well as a way to simplify scoring.  Also to elevate making all kinds of extra rules, or exceptions for how many shooters are needed in a division at each match ect.. We will still have three divisions Bolt, Semi. Junior. Match needs a minimum of 15 shooters for it to count for season points. All shooters at match will be fighting head to head. Only one shooter will receive 100 points for winning the match and everyone else will receive a percentage of points based of the winners score. You need 4 MARS match scores, your top score from 4 different clubs is what will qualify you for YOUR regional event. Your matches can be shot in any region. However, you will receive an invite to shoot YOUR regional, based on the points earned from your 4 matches.

Regionals- Each regional director will be selecting a Regional Championship location. That location will be determined midway thru the season, based on venue amenities, match creativity, efficiency, and being able to logistically be able to hold and support enough shooters.  The top shooters, from each region, will then be invited to the season Finale. Regional prize tables will consist of set prizes from 1st – 3rd place in each division, and then random draw for everyone else.

MARS Finale – Will be October 29-30 at Shadowhawk Defense in WV. More information to come.

The 2022 Rule book is also posted, please take time to read it and get familiar with how the series will operate.

For 2023 season, we will be looking into creating a Senior division.  We will be evaluating what the age and criteria will be, and bring this to vote at the 2023 rules committee. 

MARS Apparel- we have designed a new line of MARS clothing and products.  They are listed on the website.  We hoped to have the order placed in December, and have them in stock already.  But due to supply chain issues, stuff has been back ordered.  We would like to get orders in now, so that we can make one large order, to ensure we get enough product in for everyone.  If you are needing smaller or larger than normal sizes, please get them orders in, we don’t plan to buy those sizes and be stuck holding them.  We will do our best to get this done asap.

Techwear MARS jerseys. We have a mockup being finalized with Techwear.  Once it’s , it will be listed on the Techwear website. You can go add your name and get your own MARS jersey.  We will get that link posted on our social media when its available.

Social Media support – we ask that you all follow MARS on Facebook and Instagram.  We also ask that you visit them platforms regularly and hit the like and love buttons, and even share some of the posts to your own media pages.  This is VERY important for all of us.  I am working with a lot of great companies to support our series.  They really do look at our media reach to determine where to put their products.  So, help me out with this, so that I can make every regional and championship match the best I can for everyone.

Remember this is a yearlong point series. The points you earn during the season, as well as your points from your regional championship, will carry into the finale, where we will battle it out for top honors.

Best of luck, and I will see many of you, at events this year.


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