2022 Sponsors

Please consider our sponsors when shopping for new equipment. They are supporting our sport and series, and we need them to thrive, grow and be successful. Just tell them we sent you.

MARS Title Sponsor

75 years of making amazing triggers, providing shooters with that competitive edge.

Timney Triggers

Platinum Level Sponsor

I’ve used a number of Vortex optics and they have all rocked. There is a reason the Gen 2 Razor is one of the most popular scopes in the PRS/NRL. My main person optics for my centerfire rifle is the AMG because it’s all American made.


Vudoo Gun Works is once again on board in 2022 to help support the MARS series. Reliable, accurate and dependable. Vudoo has you covered with a custom build that will suit your needs. MARS will also have a loaner Vudoo at select matches, if you want to test one out.


Welcome Bergara Rifles to the MARS series. If you been involved in rimfire than you surely know the name, and you have seen many Bergara rifles at matches. Check out the 2022 line of rifles for all their new offerings.


Welcome Athlon Optics to the MARS series. If you been involved in rimfire than you have seen Athlon supporting the community. Check out the 2022 line of Optics for all their new offerings.


Gold Level Sponsor

D-M Targets has some of the best target and hanger designs on the market. And, their prices are fantastic. We were using them for our targets before they were our sponsor.


A&J Sporting has, and continues to be a great place to shop for all your favorite products. They have been a great supporter of numerous shooting series and matches. Highly recommended.


Silver Level Sponsor

I’ve been using Impact Data Books as my data book for years. They even have a new rimfire specific data book.

Impact Data Books Inc.

Struggling with your shooting and just need some luck? Or you just love great beef jerky. We’ll Lucky Jerky has MARS shooters covered.

Lucky Jerky

Bronze Level Sponsor

I practice with one of these dryfire trainers a few times a week. Great option for at home training.


Their Arca Multi Plates are game changers! They add so much stability. Dean and I will have ours at the matches we attend. Feel free to check them out.


I love Warhorse Development bags. If I could only have one bag, it would be the Saracen.


Curtis Customs makes some of the best custom precision rifle actions on the market, and they are coming out with a 22lr conversion kit for their center rifle actions.


Dave is a Baltimore area gunsmith that specializes in our type of precision rimfire rifles. He does amazing work! Contact him at ‭410-937-0442‬ (visits by appointment only)

Volquartsen Firearms makes high quality guns and parts for a number of different rimfire platforms including the 10/22 and their own custom Summit bolt action.


I use many different Area 419 products. They do everything from reloading gear to building complete rifles. Everything is top notch.


Redding makes the outstanding reloading equipment.


These guys make match winning barrels. Top PRS/NRL shooters use them.


MPA needs no introduction. They have top notch chassis and rifles. They also make a rimfire chassis for the CZ-455.


Many MARS shooters use AB as their primary ballistics software. I personally can’t compete with out my AB Kestrel. They are the standard in the precision rifle world. https://appliedballisticsllc.com

Lothar-Walther is a legendary barrel manufacturer. They make barrels for almost everything. See their selection at https://www.lothar-walther.com

Kestrel is the gold standard for weather meters and ballistic solvers, but they also have many more shooting products. Check them out:


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