Many shooters approached me and wanted to spice things up. So we are bringing you ME -MARS Expedition.

ME wont be for the feint at heart. ME will allow shooters to win some ammo or gas money throught the season. Lets see who’s going to walk the walk, and walk away with the cash pool at the end of the 2023 season.

ME- Director is Ken Gage he will be running ME in 2023. You can direct all questions to him at MARSME2023@gmail.com

ME Specific Rules

– Shooter must be have a active MARS member for 2023 to participate.
MD of ME match is not eligible to compete for ME points.
– $275 ME registration fee gets you into the series. $250 of that money will go into the prize pool the other $25 pays for the PP processing fees and trophies.
$50 buy in per shooter at ME qualifier event. 100% entry payout at each qualifier 1st-3rd 50/30/20 %.
ME Qualifier winner will walk away with qualifier trophy.
ME shooter is not required to buy in at each event. However no ME points or trophy will be awarded.
ME will have a separate scoreboard.
– Shooters top 3 scores will be your ME score heading into the ME Touchdown shootout.
ME Touchdown shootout will be your MARS Championship score plus the 3-4 ME Shootout stages added on at the end of the MARS Championship, will determine your ME final placement.

ME – Sponsor money will be added to the pot as it comes in!!

ME Bounties

That’s right we want the rest of the MARS shooters’ to make it hard for these ME guys. We will be working to create bounties for you to earn for keeping them from winning. So come on out and stick it to the ME shooters. Make it hard for them to get them points. MUST be a MARS member to earn bounties. More info and details coming soon.

Registration is Open

2023 Qualifiers

1. March Hartford Gun Club, CT or East Glastonbury
2. April 1, – Quantico, VA
3. April 2 – Shawnee Farms, WV
4. May 6 – Bridgeville, DE
5. June – Granby, MA
6. July 1 – OBX NC
7. – York, PA
8. August 26 – Quinton, NJ
9. Sept – Suffolk, VA

Current ME POT -$

(Updated Tracker and payout calculator)

1st place – $
2nd place -$
3rd place – $


Payout Break Downs

1-19 ME Shooters
1st Place – 50%
2nd Place – 30%
3rd Place – 20%

20 ME Shooters
1st Place – 50%
2nd Place – 25%
3rd Place – 15%
4th Place – 10%

25 ME Shooters
1st Place – 42.5%
2nd Place – 25%
3rd Place – 15%
4th Place – 10%
5th Pace – 7.5

30 ME Shooters
1st Place – 42.5%
2nd Place – 20%
3rd Place – 15%
4th Place – 10%
5th Pace – 7.5%
6th Place – 5%

35 ME Shooters
1st Place – 40%
2nd Place – 20%
3rd Place – 15%
4th Place – 10%
5th Pace – 7.5%
6th Place – 5%
7th Place -2.5%


If you interested in sponsoring MARS or the ME Touchdown please contact us a info@modernamericanrimforeseries.com

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