2024 Memberships

Your MARS membership number will be posted HERE.

We do not send individual email replies with your member numbers. We update the membership numbers every Friday night. This is the link to the (2024 Active Membership Roster click me)

Competitors must purchase a membership, in order for MARS to track your scores. Scores earned before, purchasing a membership will NOT be counted in your season scores.

Purchasing a MARS membership means that the member agrees that they have read
the 2024 Rulebook and agrees to all rules and clauses therein.

You’re MARS member number, is unique to you, and will remain with you forever. Don’t forget to renew each year. Memberships for the upcoming season, will open up on Nov 1, and be good for the upcoming season.

If you plan on shooting multiple divisions, or you decide to switch divisions during the season, you will need to purchase the corresponding membership.

Your unique membership number corresponds with your name and division type. This is how we ensure, the accuracy of the scoring.

2024 Memberships

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