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2023 we will be bringing you the any match counts format. This is our way to grow the sport and allow everyone to earn points, no matter where you want to shoot. This will help you earn your way to the 2023 MARS Championship.


CLUB Criteria – Events must be conducted at established shooting facilities. We will not honor scores from (backyard/side yard matches) Club must be registered, carry insurance, and have a facility that is open to all shooters, and the general public to participate in the events.

Shooter must have a Active 2023 MARS Membership prior to the event.

Top Score taken from 4 different clubs still remains in effect.

Match must consist of 8 or more stages of fire. (We will accept matches using the NRL22 monthly COF plus 3 bonus stages)

After the event ask your events MD if they will be submitting match scores to MARS, if they are, then you don’t need to do anything. (scores must be submitted within 72 hours of event)

If the MD is not submitting scores, then all we need is one shooter from the event to submit the results to us.

Score Submissions

Subject line : Name and date of the event
Email Body: you can send a cut and paste, an image as well as the events PS score results link
SCORES MUST be submitted within 72 hours of the match or they will not count.

We will verify scores for active MARS members and apply your scores.


Please bare with us the first few weeks as we get the scoreboard organized.


In order to maintain the integrity of the sport, MARS will review unethical club behavior, In cases of falsification of scores and unethical behavior of the highest levels, we will not support or work with those clubs. We will not process scores from those club events. Until a correction in behavior, written request for reinstatement, and reevaluation has taken place.

Current Non Supported
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