MARS offers a few options options for training. If your just starting your journey into precision shooting, or if your just looking to get better, below you will find some options for you to get the support and training you need.

Dave Luu is the MARS director of youth development. As you can see from the photos below , Dave has worked with shooters to help get them started. If you are interested in getting some training please reach out to him to get a training session scheduled.

Contact Dave Luu @

MARS Coaching – Beginner

2 hours of 1-on-1 instruction on beginner competitive rimfire rifle. We will introduce you to all the basics including: safety, shooting fundamentals, ballistics, positional shooting, ammunition and gear selection. Finally, we will walk you through a few courses of fire in simulated match conditions.


MARS Coaching – Intermediate

1 hour of personalized coaching on any topic; including positional shooting, ballistic calibration, and mover practice.



Another option for training is Impact Tactical. Impact Tactical is owned and operated by Tony Gimmellie. Tony conducts numerous classes each year. Tony is certified and a subject matter expert in a wide variety of shooting disciplines and platforms. You can see more about Tony and schedule your training thru his Instructor portal.

Link to Impact Tactical- Tony Gimmellie

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