Why are you starting a new series?

Because it’s fun! A year long series gives shooters a goal and something for which to train. The problem with centerfire series’ like PRS and NRL are that they are expensive to shoot. The gear, match fees and ammo can get astronomical. Not to mention, who has entire weekend to spend? This is where rimfire comes in… A competitive rimfire rifle can cost as little a few hundred dollars. 22LR ammo is relatively inexpensive, even the match stuff. Match fees for local rimfire events are usually very reasonable. Rimfire is also an ideal beginner round. It ‘s low recoiling and relatively quiet to shoot. Finally, rimfire matches typically run for only half a day. All these reasons make a rimfire series a great way to get a new shooter into competition or supplement the training of a seasoned centerfire competitor.

How long do matches last?

The running of matches are completely under the guidance of the match directors, however, participating matches are usually half day events. Of course anything from bad weather to equipment malfunctions can happen, but matches usually run from 9am – 2pm.

Are you beginner friendly?

YES! One of our main goals are to help new shooters enter the world of competitive shooting. See our Getting Started page for beginner tips. If you are a new shooter, we encourage you to contact us. Our email address is at the bottom of every page.

Can I just come and watch?

Of course. All are welcome. If you are curious, you will find many helpful people at these matches. Come and ask questions. You won’t find an shortage of people eager to share knowledge. Just remember to bring eye and ear protection.

Can kids compete?

Yes! We love junior shooters because they are the future of the sport. Accommodations can be made to help junior shooters have a good experience. Contact us for more details.

What if I’m handicapped?

We want to be inclusive as possible. Accommodations can be made to help handicapped shooters compete. Contact us for more details.

Is MARS affiliated with any other organization?

No. At this time, MARS is not affiliated with NRL22, PRS, NRA or any other governing body. It is totally independent. But there is no reason why matches can not be affiliated with more than one series. It is totally up to individual match directors if they want to hold and NRL22 match and also submit their scores to MARS.

What if a match is full?

Go ahead and register. You will be waitlisted. However, we usually have numerous dropouts before a match. There is a good possibility that you will get a spot.

Can new clubs join MARS?

Yes! Please contact us for details on joining the series. There is no cost and very little additional work. Our email address is at the bottom of every page.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We need volunteers. This is a totally volunteer endeavour. MARS does not make any profit. All match fees go to the clubs and not to MARS. If you want to volunteer with MARS, email us at the address at the bottom of every page. In addition, each individual match needs volunteers to help them run. Contact individual match directors to get information about how to help.

Do you offer lessons?

Yes! Visit our Coaching page.

Who are you?

My name is Dave Luu and I’m a Maryland shooter who loves practical rifle matches and rimfire. In most competitions, be it PRS, USPSA or 3Gun, I usually finish right in the middle. I have been competing for over 20 years and in that time I have met many wonderful people who have shared so much with me. I wanted to give back to this community, so last year I co-founded Mayberry’s precision rimfire matches. 2018 went so well that for 2019 I though a local series would be fun…

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