MARS 400/800 Club

Once again we will be bringing back the MARS 400 and 800 Club, in order to challenge and push you to meet some individual goals this season. With the expansion of our ANY CLUB CONCEPT we have had to revise the criteria to how you can become a 400/800 Club Member. I know for some shooters this will not be beneficial to you, but we will do our best to expand this more as the series continues to grow.

400 Club 4 wins in BOLT or Semi Auto Division, at four different MARS CORE clubs listed below.

800 Club4 wins in BOLT and 4 Semi Auto Division, at four different MARS CORE clubs listed below. A Bolt and Semi win may come from the same club due to using two different platforms.


Mayberry, MD
Quantico, VA
York, PA
Bridgeville, DE
Quinton, NJ
Shawnee Farms Shooting Sports, WV
Rosedale Sportsman’s, PA
Marianna Field and Stream, PA
Hartford Gun Club, CT
Granby, MA
East Glastonbury F&G
Bear Swamp, VA
Westfield Sportsman Club
Vermont State Rifle and Pistol Club
Hardwick Gun Club

The Clubs listed above have been selected by MARS because of the long standing dedication, great quality matches, and their amazing support to our organization. Some of the listed clubs may have converted to another series, however we have gone to an any score counts concept here at MARS. We have chose these clubs to allow our members to have the ability to earn credit for the 400/800 by supporting these venues.

NOTICE: The clubs selected above did not request this, and we have done this by our own choice. We will not remove any clubs listed above. If you would like to talk with us to be added to this list we would be happy to talk with about adding your club.

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