Match Director Recognition Program

All to often, as shooters we show up at a match, pay our match fee, shoot the event, have some fun, and head on home until the next match. Unless you have ever assumed the responsibility as a match director, you will never get a true feeling of what goes on behind the scenes before, during and after the match. The amount of time coordinating with the shooting facility, range maintenance, registration, designing the COF, setup, tear down and score submissions, are just some of the things Match Directors do in order to give us a place to shoot and compete.

I challenge you all, to go out of your way to thank, your match directors as often as possible, volunteer to help setup, tear down, or even assist them in general range maintenance, if you can. Believe me it goes a long way, and helps more than you know.


Starting at the 2022 MARS Finale, and going forward, we will be presenting all Match Directors/Clubs with MARS dedication awards. It is only right to thank them and present them with a token of appreciation for all the hard work and dedication they have brought the series.

First Award – 12 MARS Series Matches

Second Award – 25 MARS Series Matches

Third Award – 50 MARS Series Matches

Current Club Totals as of 11-1-21

Totals updated each year on 10/31 heading into Finale

ClubJoined MARSMatches Completed
Shadow Hawk20204
Quail Ridge20217
Walker County Bench Rest20220
Black Bear Shooting Club20220
Shawnee Farms Shooting Sports20220
Ft. Campbell Rimfire20220
Kentucky Precision Rimfire20220
Bedford County Rimfire20220
MKM Precision20220
DRC Rimfire20220
VOD Tactical20220
Hardwick Rod and Gun Club20220
Granby Bow and Gun Club20220
Westfield Sportsmen’s Club20220
East Glastonbury Fish & Game Association, Inc.20220
West Virginia Precision Rifle20220
Outdoor Sportsman’s Club20220
Marianna Field and Stream20220
Wyandot Whackers20220
Hardwick Rod and Gun Club20220
Rosedale Sportsman’s Club20220
7 Foxtrot20220
Ft. Hamar20220
TN Rimfire @ Strategic Edge20220
Reading Revolver & Rifle Club20220
Scarborough Fish & Game Association20220
Sheepdog Warrior20220
Westfield Sportsman’s Club20220
GCP Rimfire20220
Eagle Eye Shooting Center20220
Dead Zero Shooting20220
Rifles Only20220
Barren River Rod and Gun Club20220
Washington County Tactical Rimfire20220
Tri-angle Sportsmen’s Club20220
Saegertown Sportsmen Club20220
Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club20220

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