May 2022

DateClubTypeRegionPS Link
5/1/2022Reading Revolver and RifleIndividual1Sign Up
5/1/2022Washington County Tactical RimfireIndividual2Sign Up
5/1/2022Ontelaunee Rod and GunIndividual2Sign Up
5/7/2022Walker County BenchrestIndividual7Sign Up
5/7/2022TN Rimfire – Strategic EdgeIndividual3Sign Up
5/7/2022OBXIndividual3Sign Up
5/14/2022QuanticoIndividual3Sign Up
5/15/2022NVGCIndividual3Sign Up
5/15/2022Bedford CountyIndividual2Sign Up
5/15/2022East Glastonbury Fish and GameIndividual1Sign Up
5/15/2022MKM PrecisionIndividual2Sign Up
5/15/2022Dead Zero Precision RimfireIndividual3Sign Up
5/21/2022VOD TacticalIndividual3Sign Up
5/21/2022Ft CampbellTeam3Sign Up
5/21/2022Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol ClubIndividual2Sign Up
5/21/2022Shawnee FarmsIndividual2Sign Up
5/22/2022YorkIndividual2Sign Up
5/22/2022Hardwick Rod and GunIndividual1Sign Up
5/22/2022Westfield Sportsman’s ClubIndividual1Sign Up
5/28/2022Quinton Individual2Sign Up
5/29/2022RosedaleIndividual2Sign Up
5/29/2022Granby Bow and GunTeam1Sign Up
5/29/2022Topton Fish and GameIndividual2Sign Up

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