Tactical Bench Rest Rules

All MARS rules are in effect.

TBR Specific rules and information.

The Modern American Rimfire Series (MARS) Tactical Bench Rest Series is a series that requires shooters to shoot a standard course of fire, various targets (size, shape & distance) from the bench. This division was designed to allow those who, want friendly competition, may have limited mobility to shot off props, are just getting started in the sport and would like an introduction competitive 22LR shooting. MARS’s goal is to promote the shooting sports and defend the 2nd Amendment. MARS is designed to give back to the firearms community by providing affordable, competitive outlets for practical style rimfire; practice opportunities for precision centerfire competitors; and to be an accessible, beginner friendly option for new and junior shooters.

  1. Tactical Bench Rest Rules- TBR
    A.  Rifle Rules
  2. Rifles must be chambered in .22 Long Rifle (LR) only.
  • Any rimfire rifle chambered in .22 LR may be used. However, rifles with removable magazines are recommended. Rifles with fixed tubular magazines are prohibited as they are difficult to make safe.
    • Any scope, iron sights, or electronic sights may be used. However, magnified rifle scopes with externally adjustable turrets and reticles designed to assist in holdover and measurement are highly recommended.
  • Competitors may only use one rifle for the event. If the competitor’s rifle becomes inoperable, they must get permission from the MD to switch rifles and continue the match.
  • Equipment
  1. Bipods are considered a part of the rifle. They can be deployed or extended before starting a stage. They do not need to be removed if a stage brief limits their use but must not be utilized.
  • Support gear:
  1. The only equipment allowed is a bipod & rear bag OR a front bag & rear bag. If you are using a bipod, you are only permitted to use one rear bag. If you are not using a bipod, you are permitted to use one front bag and one rear bag only.
    1. Shooters may build a stable position on the bench using any combination of bipod & allowed number of bags per stage COF.
    2. No mechanical rests may be used (mechanical rests are any rest that allows for the adjustment of the windage or elevation by moving adjustable wheels or knobs built into the rest
  • A bag is defined as any object larger than .5” x.5” x.5”

Support gear may be limited by the MD for the COF

  • Accessory gear:
  1. Grip tape, skid pads, scope levels, scope wraps, barricade stops, dope card holders, etc.
  • An accessory is any item that can be mounted or removed from the rifle, that is not already considered Support Gear.

Accessories cannot be limited by the MD

  • All equipment must be staged on the bench before starting a stage.
  • A stage brief may explicitly prohibit or limit the allowed equipment used for a particular stage.
  • Recognition
  1. Divisions

Open– no restirctions

Factory:   Any magazine fed rifle in production that is readily available and produced in quantities greater than 500 with a MSRP of less than $1250.00

Any optic is allowed and may be attached to the rifle as originally designed by the manufacturer.

No modifications to the firearm or stock are permitted except those that are listed below.

Modifications:   Any bipod is permitted and may be attached to the stock.  A rail may be added to the stock for this purpose.

The butt of the stock may be shortened or lengthened to adjust for the length of pull.  The butt plate may be replaced but must conform to the original shape of the stock.

Non permanent comb changes such as stock sock or padding may be used.

Factory original sights may be removed to allow for the mounting of the scope.

No tuners, muzzle breaks, no weights added to the stock or barrel.

Juniors   Factory Division Only    15 years old or younger on January 1 of the season.

B. Shooting the stage:   No sight pictures allowed while at the bench preparing to shoot the stage.   Make all adjustments while on the clock.

  • Series Points
  1. Competitors will get a match score for each match. Match scores will be converted to series points, based on the percentage of their match score compared to the overall match winner
  • Series Points = Your Match Score/Match Winner’s Score x 100
  • Series Points will be tracked by your MARS membership number
  • A match must have a minimum of 5 competitors to count for series points
  • Shooters must shoot 4 matches from at least 2 different clubs
  • Match Schedule
  1. The MARS schedule shall be posted on the MARS website, www.ModernAmericanRimfireSeries.com
  • The regular season shall run from 1/1/24 thru 9/15/24
  • To be considered for the Tactical Bench Rest Champion, a competitor must shoot in a minimum of 4 matches during the season. Shooter must shoot at two different clubs for the 2024 season.
  • TBR Championship will be Oct 26, 2024 in Quinton, NJ.

TBR Championship will take place on 11/26/24 in Quinton, NJ

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